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How It Works

It’s easy to get started on this portal in three easy steps.



Review, discussion and plan

How do i register?

At tunadel medical tours limited, our extensive information on hospital profiles, doctor profiles and patient tools can be accessed only by registered users. Once registered, you will have access to incredible resources. Registration would not take more than two minutes. We respect your privacy. We will only collect basic contact information, adhere to the strictest patient privacy guidelines to protect our web visitors. 

Why do i need to inquire first?

Once you make enquiry through contact, you will gain instant access to incredible resources, such as:

  • Leading-edge information & research tools
  • Available procedures, hospital profiles, physician qualifications, and travel tools
  • Medical profile tools
  • Our secure patient profile aggregates medical histories, relevant medical records and test results that only your physician can access to better understand your situation
  • Online treatment quotes
  • Informational resources to contact hospitals directly for quotes.
  1. Research

 research tunadel medical tours limited portal for everything ranging from physician, hospital profiles to procedures and travel details. As a leading authority on medical travel, we will help get prompt answers to your time-sensitive queries.

  • At tunadel medical tours limited you can not only learn more about procedures, average costs and recovery requirements but we can also put you in touch with other patients who have received treatment at the same hospital before, so you can seek opinion and do peer-to-peer information vetting.
  • Finally, we will also put you in touch with the doctors, directly. Anonymous patient ratings, objective hospital qualifications, facility photographs and testimonials are some of the other handy features that you will find very useful in your search for the best and safest medical establishment for the procedure/treatment you seek.
  • While you would find all the information you need on our site, if there is anything that is left unaddressed, you are welcome to contact us directly and we will have your query attended to in less than three business days.
  • After narrowing down your search, tunadel medical tours limited will assist you in receiving personalized quotes from hospitals of your choice. With tunadel medical tours limited’s patient profiles, there is no need to fill out the same paperwork all over again. We will selectively share information with the hospital you choose to help doctors assess your medical condition.
  1. Review, discuss and plan

Review your comprehensive medical package including estimates of travel, treatment and accommodation expenses. We will furnish a personalized quote from our hospital within three business days of raising your inquiry. In most of the cases, you will receive a response within one business day.

Correspond with the hospital of your choice for any questions and clarification on regarding your medical treatment. Tunadel medical tours limited strives to put patients at ease. Our sophisticated, cutting-edge web-based technology provides an excellent opportunity for our member-hospitals to learn more about your medical condition and receive the service you deserve.



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